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3 Layer PE Steel Pipe Anti-Corrosion Coating Machinery

3LPE coating line is to make anti-corrosion of kinds of steel pipes, such as single layer FBE, double layer FBE, double layer PE, double layer PP and 3PE. Outer protective layer of coated pipe has a high mechanical strength, excellent electrical insulation performance. The merits includes high degree of mechanization, process parameters stable, not pollute the environmen. It is to prolong the pipeline life of use from 5-10years to 50-100years.


The three-layer PE process, with the epoxy powder coating as bottom layer, binding and bundling through polyethylene PE and adhesive, is widely used in anticorrosion of steel pipes, and applied to the oil, natural gas, chemical material, water pipelines. 

                                                     Equipment Description

3PE coating line includes systems of steel pipe conveyor, surface disposal, dust catching, pipe heating, electrostatic spraying, coating, water cooling, edge cutting, hydraulic and pneumatic device, detecting and electric controlling system. 

Equipment description

Steel pipe washing equipment

Water washing system

It is used to wash pipe surface with high pressure water and improve the blasting effect. It can wash away dust and impurities.

Acid washing water washing system

Through chemical treatment, this system can help remove impurities on steel pipe surface and phosphorize and passive steel pipe surface to improve the effectiveness of steel pipe surface treatment and coating adhesion.

Steel pipe heating equipment

Steel pipe heating equipment is used to heat pipes. It can preheat, heat and curing pipes with different technological requirements.

Steel pipe preheating equipment

 It is used to heat the pipe from 40℃ to 60℃ before blasting, and to wipe off water, moisture and greasy dirt on the surface, which can meet the demands of rust removal.

It includes intermediate burner heating and frequency heating (see intermediate frequency heating) form. The heating media of burner can be gas and diesel

Steel pipe heating equipment

    Intermediate frequency heating system is mainly used to heat pipes to 180℃- 230℃ to meet the coating standard.

Steel pipe blow equipment

The internal blowing system is used to clean the dust, and sand inside the pipes by the draught fan, so that it can prevent the pollution when coating.

The system includes pipe internal blowing carrier, dust collecting box, pulse back-blowing dust collector, live rotation roller, pipe stopper, etc. A set of filter-barrel type pulse back blowing dust collector is equipped on the dust collection box.

Dust treatment

It is used to clean dust and abrasive on pipe surface after blasting and improve the adhesion of FBE.

Epoxy powder coating equipment and recovery system

The system includes stainless coating room, epoxy powder guns, powder coating controller, fluidization powder box, dual cyclone collecting structure, and pulse-blowback-cylinder dust catcher.

Extrusion system

It is used to extrude PE adhesive and PE protective coating, which are twined to the external wall of the pipes. The polyethylene protective coating can protect the epoxy powder coating.

It can be divided into cladding type and twining type according to coating pattern and twining type can be divided into side type and upper type.


The cladding type

Two sets of extruder are placed on live platform which can drive die go up and down. There are two guide rails which can help adjust the distance between die and pipes. Two sets of dies can move up and down according to different needs. Pipes can go directly through the die and AD & PE can wrap on the pipes uniformly.This can not only help save material, but also prevent roller from wearing.

However, since the coating line is running in linear way, the homogeneity of the powder coating may be affected, so this device is only suitable for the pipes with diameters under 630.

Side type

In this type, die is side blew pipes and the adhesive and polyethylene press rollers are directly blew pipes. The AD extruder and PE extruder are placed vertically with production line. They can move back and forward (AD extruder can move laterally) to adjust the angle between coating layer and steel pipes.

Upper type

Two sets of extruder are placed on one side of production line. The extruder is vertical to production line. The extruders are placed on live platform and die and extruder can move up and down. Pressing roller and guide roller are separately placed on a live scaffold. This can help easily adjusting the extrusion and wrapping equipment according to different pipes and also adjusting the width of coating layer. It can not only ensure the uniformity of PE, but also save raw material.

Since the space under pipes is unlimited, pipe carrier can be installed under pipes. As a result, there is no need to use pipe connecting device. In the meanwhile, the cutting of rudder at the end of pipes can be achieved.


This type of extrusion develops on the basis of consumer’s different needs. One set of extruder can be installed flexibly and wrap in many ways, in addition, the cost is low. Co-extrusion type is really suitable for coating pipes with different diameters. Consumer can choose one extruder or two according to different production requirement. It can greatly save production cost, but its price is a little bit high.

Steel pipe water spraying equipment

The water cooling system is used to cool heated piped rapidly to the temperature of 40℃-60℃, to protect its anticorrosion layer and protection layer.

Water cooling system consists of water cooling room, water cooling tower, self-prime pump, centrifugal pump, pipeline, etc. There is a back water pond near cooling room.

Cutback machine

This device is used to remove pipe-end coating layer and then form a groove whose angle is below 30°, in order to joint easily.

It is double-head high-efficient cutback machine. It is composed of steel brush, polishing motor, moving trolley, high efficiency dust collector etc. It is also equipped with lifting rotation roller, rocker arm etc.



Derusting machine 

Epoxy powder spraying

Layout of production

Real Manufacturing Plant Real Manufacturing Plant

Technical parameter

                                     Question & Answer:

                                                        Q1. What is Size of Pipe Dia. your equipment can produce ?

                                                           A: We can produce four main Model: 

                                                                Diameter of steel Pipe:48-219mm, 219-1220mm, 800-1600mm, 1000-2400mm

                                                 Q2. What is Descaling grade?

                                                    A: SA2.5

                                                Q3. What is your anticorrosion coating standard?

                                             A: It can meet  SY/T0413-2002 ,GB/T23257-2009, German DIN 30670 , DIN 30678 and coating specification requirements from American Corrosion 

                                                   Association, and DNV . The product pipe fully complies with  SY/T0315-2005 ,CNPC38-2002 "Technical specifications for double-layer fusion-bonded 

                                                  epoxy powder coating on buried steel pipe and Canada, American Corrosion Association standards.

                                                 Q4. What is Delivery Time

                                                    A: 2-3monthes after deposit.

                                                  Q5. Production output:

                                                    A: It is different output capability as different pipe diameter, the Max. is 3 to 8 km/day, 

                                                              and annual processing capacity is 2 million square meters (Φ508 mm).

                                                 Q6. Coating thickness: 

                                                   A: 80800um

                                                 Q7. Which country did you sell your 3PE equipment?

                                                  A. We have produced nearly 50sets 3PE processing line at home and abroad. Such as Russia, Iran, UAE, Iran, India, Belarus, Kazakhstan and so on.

                                                     Q8After-sales service: 

                                                        A:  Warranty period: Before delivery all the equipment must be trial operated  to confirm the quantity perfectly.

                                                            The warranty period is 12 months from the date of pick-up for mechanical part , and 6 months  for the electrical part.


                                                    The seller provides technical services and provides training and guidance to buyer operators.





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