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Electro-fusion Welder


Huashida Electro-fusion Welder is for HDPE buried pre-insulation pipeline, metal reinforced corrugated pipe and hollow wall spiral pipe connector. 

1.1 Connection Type 

1. Electro Fusion Connection Power the Heating element in the Electric hot melt strip, make the element hot enough to melt the combination between the pipeline and Electric hot melt strip, cool down and two are linked into one. 

2. Heat Shrinkage Sleeve Connection Wrap the ends of two pipes with a sealing strip, put on the heat shrinkage sleeve outside. Heat the sleeve by the fire shrink tight to connect the pipes. 

3. Seal Ring Connection Using a dedicated Socket pipe , installation elastic sealing ring between the socket. In addition, Buckles Connection, Spiral connection and Melt Extrusion Welding and so on. 

1.2 Comparison of Common connection Electro Fusion Connection Heat Shrinkage Sleeve Connection Seal Ring Connection Watertight ≤0.2Mpa Less Less pressure Strength High Low,600above not advised None Resistance to external force Good General Weak and easy to leakage Durability Good Good Poor, aging to water leakage Construction environment Need power supply, not in rainy days, water environments Gas tank, gas gun. Not strict environmental requirements. Not strict environmental requirements.800a bove not advised. 

2. Electric hot melt strip connection 

2.1 General description The best method of PE pipe connection is Electric hot melt

1. Voltmeter selector switch; 2. Main switch; 3. operating switch; 4. ammeter; 5. Time relay; 6. Power LED; 7. ACT Indication; 8. Reset button; 9. Buzzle; 10. Current regulator knob


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