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Rubber Foam Insulation tube/sheet Production Line


Rubber foam  insulation tube board production line is the introduction of the latest technology and most advanced automatic continuous production line, using high performance nitrile butadiene rubber, polyvinyl chloride(NBR,PVC,EPDM) as the main raw material and accompanied by a variety of high-quality auxiliary materials, made into soft insulation and energy-saving materials which made by a special foaming-process.


1. High Extrusion output, with good quality;

2. Automatic temperature control;

3. Low consumption;

4. Inverter control;

The line has the extrusion speed, high degree of automation and security performance which is better than the domestic and international counterparts. Also the technology of device modeling, structural performance, vulcanizing quality and other aspects is a world leading level. In the production line, rubber and plastic sponge insulation material is the closed-cell elastic material, with soft, bending resistance, cold-resistance and heat-resistant, flame-retardant, waterproof, low thermal conductivity, shock absorption, sound absorption and other excellent properties.


It is widely used in central air-conditioning, construction, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, metallurgy, shipbuilding, vehicles, appliances and other types of industries and sectors of hot and cold media pipeline, container, can achieve lower cold loss and heat loss effects. As the material is soft, bending resistance, ect., can be processed produce the ideal insulation material for fitness equipment, medical equipment and the indoor and outdoor pipe in solar heating systems.


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Environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction!Low energy consumption, high output, low scrap rate, saving materials and time!
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