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Advantage of the Huashida Vacumm Calibration Pre-insulated Jacket Pipe Processing Line

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The Vacumm Calibration pre-insulated Jacket pipe production line,Huashida adopts spiral die, which makes the extruded pipe clamping lines overlap each other and increases the internal pressure strength of the products. The main body of the die is made of chrome-plated cast steel and processed by CNC machine tool. Strict polishing treatment is carried out to ensure the overall strength and precision of the die body and the stability of high-pressure extrusion materials. 

Vacuum die, made of stainless steel, is wear-resistant and hard, so it is not easy to bump into groove when dismantling the mold, which ensures the quality of pipe in the production process is stable. 

Because the mandrel weight of the die is several tons, if it is replaced on the vertical plane, it is not convenient to locate the die first, and then it is not convenient to install. The most important problem is that it is unsafe and can threaten the safety of the installers. Therefore, Huashida has increased the steering mechanism of the die, so long as the flange screws of the extruder and the die are removed. This mechanism can be used to make the head rotate upward at 90 degrees and adjust the die mandrel on a horizontal plane to facilitate the safe and reliable replacement of the die mandrel. 

Another key is the screw. With a new generation of solid-liquid separation screw technology, Huashida is the first one in China. Its efficiency is 30% higher than that of ordinary screw, heating energy consumption is 20% lower, and service life is 35% longer than that of ordinary screw. It can ensure long-term and stable production.

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