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The 3PE heat shrinkable sleeve

FAQ Responsible editor: Diana Dong Popularity: 1257 September 11,2018

The 3PE heat shrinkable sleeve series products are designed for the corrosion protection of the welds of buried and overhead steel pipelines and the heat preservation of the pipelines. 

The 3PE patch belt is composed of radiation crosslinking polyolefin base material and special sealing hot melt adhesive. The special sealing hot melt adhesive can form good adhesion with polyolefin base material, steel pipe surface and solid epoxy coating.

When the 3PE patch belt is heated and installed, the base material shrinks in radial direction, and the internal composite adhesive layer melts, and is tightly coated at the patch. The base material together with the base material forms a solid anticorrosion body in the pipeline shape. It has excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance and good anti-ultraviolet and light aging properties.

In addition, the 3PE heat shrinkable sleeve is called looper in the industry, compared with the heat shrinkable sleeve called dead sleeve, in addition to the main body of the 3PE heat shrinkable sleeve, but also equipped with adhesive tape and fixed sheet, and the 3PE heat shrinkable belt is convenient for large-scale production, construction is also much more convenient.

The 3PE patch has the following characteristics:

1, high mechanical strength and strong anti-aging ability.

2. Good environmental stress resistance.

3, excellent adhesive properties.

4, easy to use.

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