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Electro-fusion Tape

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Electro-fusion Tape is a kind of connecting pipe fittings made of high-quality PE sheet by heat-bonding and embedded special electric wire mesh (Ni-Luo alloy mesh). Because it can be fused and connected between the electro-thermal melting strip and pipe during the electrified connection, and formed a solid combination after cooling, the electro-thermal melting strip has good sealing performance, strong connection parts and tensile resistance. High tensile strength, can withstand large shear force, strong environmental adaptability, can be used as traction pipe fittings, sewage pipe network series hollow wall winding pipe, steel strip corrugated pipe, double flat wall steel strip pipe, and other pipe fittings connection

In a construction site, due to the constraints of construction conditions, can not be constructed at the bottom of the ditch, we can only have welded more than 40 meters of DN1000mm steel strip pipe in the form of multi-machine hoisting into the ditch, the welded electrothermal melting belt can withstand external forces, the product can withstand the test, and water-tight test proved that the system engineering is intact. There is also a customer account, DN 1000mm electric hot melt belt as an example, choose small manufacturers of low-priced electric hot melt belt and Huashida, each cost difference of 2-3 yuan, purchase 100 electric hot melt belt only 200-300 yuan difference, but once the quality problem, the minimum cost of rework is calculated in 10,000 yuan, or the choice Brand Hua Shi Da, good quality and ease of use.

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