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Huashida's 3PE equipment steel pipe shot blasting machine

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Huashida's 3PE equipment steel pipe shot blasting machine

Huashida's steel pipe shot blasting machine mainly includes drum type, crawler type, rotary table, trolley type, sling chain type, roller pass type and other products. The complete set of line equipment is mainly steel pretreatment. The production line includes various processes such as feeding, preheating, shot blasting, painting, drying and unloading.

Different performances of several shot blasting machines. 

1. The drum type shot blasting machine mainly uses the high-speed rotating impeller to throw the projectile onto the workpiece continuously inverted in the drum, thereby achieving the purpose of cleaning the workpiece, belonging to the range of casting machinery.

 2, crawler type shot blasting machine, suitable for multi-variety, mass production of workpiece surface rust or shot peening, cleaning the workpiece must be not afraid of collision equipment. 

3, crawler type shot blasting machine, mainly processing castings and heat-treated parts below 150kg, the machine can be used in stand-alone or wiring. 

4, hook shot blasting machine, as a standard model of shot blasting machine, its working cylinder diameter from 900 to 1300 mm, height from 1300 to 2200mm, standard models with 2-7 throwing heads, the maximum load capacity With a capacity of 10,000 kg, this shot blasting machine has a very high production efficiency and a wide flexibility span. It is an ideal cleaning and strengthening device widely accepted by customers and is easy to operate. 

5, sandblasting shot blasting machine, mainly using compressed air as the power to form a high-speed jet beam to spray the spray (copper ore, quartz sand, silicon carbide, iron sand, sea sand) at high speed to the surface of the workpiece to be treated, so that The appearance or shape of the outer surface of the workpiece surface changes. Due to the impact of the abrasive on the surface of the workpiece and the cutting action, the surface of the workpiece obtains a certain degree of cleanliness and different roughness, so that the mechanical properties of the surface of the workpiece are improved, thus improving The fatigue resistance of the workpiece increases the adhesion between it and the coating, prolongs the durability of the coating, and also facilitates the leveling and decoration of the coating.

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