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Huashida PE/pp heat shrink sleeve production line

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Heat Shrinkable Tape Production Line


Model: RS-800

Component of the production line:

Part A:  RS-800 heat shrinkable tape production line (ZL201020634586.4)

Part B:  TJ-700 Adhesive Mixing and Coating Line (ZL201120574182.5)

Part A: RS-800 Heat Shrink Tape Production Line

The Main Technical Parameters:

Output: 100-150kg/h

Total installed:

Water consumption: 3-5 cubic meters/min

Air consumption: 0.5 cubic meters/min

Production line Size: 1100mmx2200mmx2200mm

Part B:TJ-700 heat shrinkable tape coating line


The main technical parameters:

Total power: 80kw

Production Speed: 5m/max

Dimensions: 14 X 6 X 2M

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