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Three PE heat shrinkable tape usage and use method

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3PE heat shrinkable tape usage and use method

The 3PE heat shrinkable tape refers to a coated sheet having a three-layer polyethylene anticorrosive structure applied to a steel pipe. Often referred to as heat shrink tape or heat shrink tape, the main accessories are heat shrinkable tape main tape, fixing sheet, strip, primer. 

The main material of the main belt of the 3PE heat shrinkable belt is polyethylene, which requires a complicated process to crosslink the polyethylene molecular segments of the sleeve to form a network structure, thereby having shrinkage properties. The three-layer polyethylene anticorrosive structure refers to three layers of polyethylene layer, adhesive and epoxy primer layer respectively. The outer polyethylene material has strong stability and strong ability to isolate the corrosive medium. However, since the polyethylene has no polarity, the adhesion to the strongly polar steel surface is too weak, and it is only used for the anticorrosive layer formed by the polyethylene coated pipe. The protective ability is severely limited. Epoxy powder is made of epoxy resin or phenolic epoxy as a membrane substance. The epoxy bond, ether bond, hydroxyl group and carbonyl group in the film-forming molecule can be chemically bonded to the metal bond of steel. Combined with the powerful Van der Waals force. Therefore, the epoxy coating that is sintered to the steel surface at a high temperature has the greatest adhesion among all organic coatings. 3PE anti-corrosion layer fundamentally solves the problem of bonding between polyethylene and steel through the “bridge” effect of synthetic adhesive and epoxy powder, which is called “perfect coating” by the industry.

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