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what is advantages of planetary cutter made Huashida?

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 Huashida Planetary Cutting Machine for Pre-insulation Pipe Equipment

Huashida insulation pipe production line Planetary cutter is a chip-less cutting machine. The planetary cutting machine uses SKD11 cutting tool steel imported from Japan, which has been quenched and tempered, resulting in a sharp and resilient cutting edge! One time penetrate HDPE jacket , the cutter rotates 360 degrees perfectly , and cut down the pipe. The blade is durable, cutting without burrs, flash edges, and misalignment!

Hydraulic transmission is fixed to form completely a closed circle. During the cutting process, the pipe will not deform, and the incision is a complete arc without serrations or unevenness. There is no debris on site and no need to clean, reducing waste and labor costs.

Planetary Chip-free cutting machine, with adjustable cutting diameter, multiple uses for one machine, simple operation, and durability. Adopting a PLC control system, with high automation, timed long cutting, automatic alarm, and long service life.

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