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What are the advantages of Huashida 3PE steel pipe anti-corrosion production line transmission system?

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What are the advantages of Huashida 3PE steel pipe anti-corrosion production line transmission system?

HSD brand steel pipe transmission system advantages:

1. Open and close unified adjustment, unified adjustment of angles.

2. Each set of wheels separate power drive expands the conveyor's helix angle, and the transmission angle can reach 30 degrees. The transmission speed is adjustable from 0 to 6 meters.

3. It adopts solid-core wide-faced tires with a bearing capacity of 2.5 tons per wheel, press-fit tires, no degumming, no cracking. The thickness of the rubber layer is more than 85 mm, and the transmission is stable and reliable, which ensures the long-term operation of the equipment.


Disadvantages of steel pipe conveying systems on the market:

1. Universal joint drive shaft type. The universal joint can be driven at an angle of 15 degrees, resulting in a conveyor in the form of a drive shaft. The angle of the transfer wheel can be adjusted up to 15 degrees. The opening and closing of the integral long conveyor is not easy to adjust. After the welding is completed, one wheel does not touch the steel pipe and cannot be adjusted. Installation is not flexible. The angle adjustment adopts the pull rod type, and the gap at the joint of the tie rod is too large, so that one of the transfer wheels has been adjusted to 5 degrees and the other one has not moved.

2. When the small diameter pipe is rusted, the amount of sand is too small, which wastes energy and can not improve production efficiency.

3. It is not advisable to use the pneumatic tires for the delivery. The pneumatic tires in the sun are exposed to the sun and the temperature in the tires is not the same. The rubber wear is serious when the steel pipes are delivered.

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