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Comparision between two forming method of PE jacket pipe

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Pre-insulated PE jacket pipe extrusion line is designed by absorbing the advanced 

technology from Germany and  improved by Qingdao Huashida Machinery Co., LTD.  

Pre-insulated PE jacket pipe extrusion lines consists of parts as below, 

---Pipe diameter range: 365-760mm 500-960mm 855-1380mm 960-1680mm
---The extrusion line comprise equipments and devices as below,
    1set   Vacuum loader 
    1set   Hopper dryer
    1set   High-effeciency single screw extruder
    1set   25/25 single screw extruder for mark line 
    1set   Vacuum calibration table 
    1set   Water spraying tank 
     1set   Hauling machine
    1set   Cutting machine
    1set   Stacker
I. Pipe Usage
---HDPE jacket pipe is out case of thermal insulating pipe, which is widely used in central heating, oil, nature gas and other industrial area. 
II. Machine Advantages
---High-efficiency extruder gives larger output, stable performance. 
For example
---Compared with inflating method (internal pressure method)
1. For 24 hours working, it reduces 2-3 workers for each shift.
2. There is much waste pipe and material, no need workers to crush waste          material. 
3.  High-effeciency. Take Dimater 960mm as an example, Output is approximately 60 pcs of 11.6meters pipe, it is much higher output than that of inflating method. 
4. Pipe wall is average and smooth, to reduce waste of raw material, and pipe thickness is adjustable.
5.  No need trim edge, once forming. 

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