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How to use HJ-30B portable plastic welder ?

FAQ Article source: www.hsdanticorrosion.com Responsible editor: diana Popularity: 890 July 30,2021

How to use HJ-30B portable plastic welder ?

The Common faults, causes and troubleshooting of HJ-30B plastic welding gun

1. A: The gun core is not heated

RE: the voltage is too high, it is burnt out, the service cycle is long, the oxidation is serious, it is broken, and it should be replaced.

2. A: Fan rotation The sub does not rotate

RE: the service voltage is too high, burned out and should be replaced.

3. A: The main engine alarm does not work,

RE: overload, re adjust the hot air and extrusion Out of gear; If the VTC signal is damaged, the thrust bearing is damaged, or the blade is broken, replace the damaged parts.

4. A:The main engine rotor is damaged

RE: If the rotor is damaged, the voltage is too high, and it is overloaded frequently for a long time, replace the rotor.

4. A: No feeding welding wire:

FE: a .insufficient temperature, short heating time. When the welding wire is fed, the broken material cannot smoothly enter the extrusion system, and the blade is locked out, resulting in failure to feed. Clean the feed Mouth; b. The feeder is seriously worn and needs to be replaced; c. Feeder connecting arrow falls off, replace.

6. A:Uneven hot air and potential

FE: If the main board of the blower or fan is damaged, replace it.

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