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When use cladding type extrusion for 3LPE coating production line?

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PE layer extrusion type for 3LPE coating production line

It is used to extrude PE adhesive and PE protective coating, which are twined to the external wall of the pipes. The polyethylene protective coating can protect the epoxy powder coating.It can be divided into cladding type and twining type according to coating pattern and twining type can be divided into side type and upper type.

The cladding type

Two sets of extruder are placed on live platform which can drive die go up and down. There are two guide rails which can help adjust the distance between die and pipes. Two sets of dies can move up and down according to different needs. Pipes can go directly through the die and AD & PE can wrap on the pipes uniformly.This can not only help save material, but also prevent roller from wearing.

However, since the coating line is running in linear way, the homogeneity of the powder coating may be affected, so this device is only suitable for the pipes with diameters under 630.

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