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Face Mask Melt-blown Fabric process Flow

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The melt blown fabric filter material is made up of polypropylene microfibres, which are randomly distributed and adhered together. The appearance of the material is white, flat and soft. The fineness of the material fiber is 0.5-1.0 μ M. the random distribution of the fiber provides more opportunities for thermal bonding between the fibers. Therefore, the melt blown gas filter material has a larger specific surface area and a higher porosity (≥ 75%). After high pressure electret filtration efficiency, the product has the characteristics of low resistance, high efficiency and high dust capacity.

Main specifications:

G weight: 18g-40g

Width: 175mm and 180mm in general (can also be determined according to customer demand)

Melt blown nonwovens are produced by drawing the polymer melt fine flow extruded from the spinneret holes of the die head with high-speed hot air flow, forming superfine fibers and collecting them on the web curtain or roller, and self bonding at the same time.

The production process of melt blown cloth mainly includes:

1. Melt preparation

2. Filtration

3. Measurement

4. Extrusion of melt from spinneret hole

5. Melt draft and cooling

6. Networking

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