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heat shrinkable sleeve (belt)

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The heat shrinkable sleeve (belt) PE is a fiber reinforced layer in the middle, which is modified by electron accelerated radiation. It has excellent mechanical properties, strong penetration resistance and no splitting. The adhesive strength of the thermosol on the surface of HDPE pipe is very high, which can effectively guarantee the sealing effect of the joint. The operation is simple and the reliability is high. All kinds of heat shrinkable sleeves (belts) can be produced according to customer requirements.

Heat shrinkable sleeve and heat shrinkable belt:

(1) Mainly used: heat shrinkage sleeve and heat shrinkage belt are anticorrosive materials used in pipeline anticorrosive patching construction, the role is the same, can be replaced each other.

(2) raw materials: the raw materials used are the same.

(3) performance: product performance is almost the same.

(4) product shape: heat shrinkable sleeve is tubular, commonly known as dead sleeve, repair sleeve, heat shrinkable sleeve. The heat shrinkage belt is flaky, commonly known as looper, patch belt, heat shrinkage belt, the heat shrinkage belt in addition to the main sheet material and supporting fixed sheet.

(5) production process: because the shape of the product is different, the manufacturing processes used are also different. First of all, in the extrusion stage, the tube is extruded by the heat shrinkage sleeve, while the heat shrinkage band is sheet; the difference between the heat shrinkage sleeve and the heat shrinkage band. Thermal shrinkage sleeve needs to be expanded into finished product caliber one by one with expander, and the thermal shrinkage belt is in the extrusion stage for synchronous stretching; Thirdly, the thermal shrinkable sleeve is semi-mechanical gluing, the thermal shrinkable belt is the whole sheet with mechanical automatic gluing; finally, the thermal shrinkable sleeve can be packaged after the gluing is finished and trimmed, and the thermal shrinkable belt. It needs to be trimmed according to the specifications, with a fixed piece and a whole package. The heat shrinkable patch is used after the pipe is welded (also known as open heat shrinkable sleeve), and the heat shrinkable sleeve is on the front sleeve of the pipe before welding (also known as closed heat shrinkable sleeve).

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