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Difference integral seamless and welded insulation pipe outer jacket elbow

FAQ Article source: www.hsdanticorrosion.com Responsible editor: diana Popularity: 1045 October 15,2021

The buried pre-insulation pipe elbow equipment developed by Huashida company for many years.It can produce jacket pipe elbows with different radians quickly, evenly and at one time. The trouble of elbow construction of insulation pipe is solved, and the production efficiency is greatly improved. Follwoing, we analyze the differences and advantages between integral HDPE  seamless jacket elbow and wealed elbow.

1 The outer protective casing is a seamless elbow, which can ensure the same strength as the outer protective casing of the main pipeline.

The external protective sleeve is a shrimp waist elbow, and the weld is easy to crack, and the weld quality cannot be detected. Whether it is qualified can only be judged by visual inspection. After the weld is cracked, water will cause polyurethane hydrolysis and lose the thermal insulation effect; Accelerate the corrosion of steel pipes and shorten the service life of pipelines.

2 The insulation layer of seamless outer sheath elbow is evenly distributed, the thickness of the insulation layer is the same as that of the main pipeline, and the insulation effect can meet the design requirements. 

The welded insulation layer is uneven, and the insulation layer at the weld is thin, which can not achieve the equivalent insulation effect of the main pipeline.

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