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Huashida portable plastic extruder welder is delivery to The world

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Huashida portable plastic extruder welder which developed and manufactured by Qingdao Huashida Plastic (Machinery) Co., Ltd. adopt pre-heating air and screw extruder integral design. It suitable for ergonomic principles.

Perfect performance as follows:

1. Small in size, light in weight.

2. High strength of welding, good effect in pressurize.

3. High rate output of plasticity, high speed in welding.

4. Then hand extruder equip with air source, specially good for operating in the filed.

Major material : PE / PP / PVC

The hand extruder major spare parts imported from Germany and Switzerland METABO & LEISTER. The unique design of extrusion structure ensure the compression ratio reach 2.5:1.

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