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Hua Shida 3PE steel pipe anti-corrosion production line implementation standard

Company News Responsible editor: Diana Dong Popularity: 1256 October 10,2018

Huashida 3PE steel pipe anti-corrosion production line implementation standard

In terms of implementation standards, Huashida can choose different directions from high school to low according to the customer's target terminal on the production line of 3PE steel pipe anticorrosion. 

For general customers, Huashida can implement the SY / T0413-2002 standard with polyethylene and high density polyethylene as the main specifications, Vicat softening point should not be less than 110 or DIN 30670-1991 standard with low and medium density polyethylene as the main specifications to determine the thickness of the external coating. 

In order to improve the impact strength of 3PE anticorrosive coating greatly, the carbon black content of the special material is specified in the SY/T0413-2002 standard. The peeling strength and impact resistance of the 3PE anticorrosive coating are greatly improved, and the mechanical strength and weathering resistance of the coating are guaranteed, and the peeling strength of the joint (i.e. heat shrinkage sleeve and heat shrinkage) is increased. The stripping strength of the primer steel strip) is sampled and measured frequently, thus greatly prolonging the service life of the steel pipe and improving the economic benefits.

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