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Huashida Heat Shrinkable Belt is exported to Burma

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Huashida Heat Shrinkable Belt is exported to Burma

Qingdao Huashida’s pipe machinery with high automation, long service life and reliable quality in the pipe insulation&anti-corrosion industry has been recognized by customers. Our heat shrinkable belts also have wide market at home and abroad.

Our company's heat shrinkable belt, thermal shrinkable sleeve product is shrinkage speed, good waterproof performance, corrosion resistance, long service life, convenient transportation, fast construction. On the PE pipeline, the diameter of the 200- 1500mm can be used.

The company's three-layer composite, in PE sheet and hot melt adhesive between a layer of network nylon fiber, its tensile strength can reach 35 Mpa, greatly improving the strength of the heat shrinkage band.

Ordinary heat shrinkable sleeve is generally two-layer composite PE sheet, thickness is 1.2 mm, glue thickness is 0.8 mm, tensile strength is generally about 15 Mpa, sealing effect is good mainly used in thermal pipe network, oil pipeline, natural gas pipeline, steel pipe corrosion and insulation, chemical pipeline, sewage pipeline and other fields.

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