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Die Head Introduction of Huashida PE Vacuum Calibration&Insulation Jacket pipe Production Line

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Die Head Introduction of Huashida PE Vacuum Calibration&Insulation Jacket pipe Production Line

Huashida's PE insulating pipe machinery is recognized by customers because of its high speed and efficiency. The die design and material quality of extruder are also the core technology.

 The material is 40Cr, the abrasive tool has high hardness and strong steeliness. It is not easy to deform under high temperature and pressure. The spiral flow passage adopts multi-layer spiral shunt, polishing and chromium plating grinding treatment, which flows smoothly and smoothly with less resistance. The clockwise rotation direction is opposite to the screw rotation direction, which can relieve the stress formed during the extrusion process, improve the strength of the tube and greatly reduce the tube burst phenomenon. Expansion die and die shrinkage are designed by 45 degree angular extrusion to ensure that the material has good fluidity and axial tension in the forming process. The lengthened straight section ensures that the material has high radial and axial strength after extrusion, and the cooled pipe is smooth and tough, which reduces the cost of raw materials and the stringent requirement of plastics for machines. To meet the customers for low-pressure polyethylene, high-pressure polyethylene, high-pressure mixed polyethylene and PP raw materials. The economic and social benefits have been improved.

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