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Huashida vacuum sizing technology insulation pipe production line

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Thermal insulation pipe is the abbreviation of thermal insulation pipe. According to the pipe diameter, small-diameter pre- insulated pipe is below 600mm, medium-diameter thermal insulation pipe is 600mm-1380mm, and large-diameter thermal insulation pipe is above 1380mm. Insulation pipe is used for the transportation of liquid, gas and other media, and can be widely used in central heating, crude oil and natural gas transportation and other important fields. It plays an important role in the thermal insulation engineering of petroleum, chemical, aerospace, military, central heating, central air conditioning, municipal and other pipelines. It plays an important role in energy conservation. It can not only form a new economic growth point, but also provide new technical principle support and solutions for the insulation pipe equipment manufacturing industry, play a leading and demonstration role, and use it as a radiation source to drive the development of downstream industrial chains such as insulation pipe manufacturing, accessories, installation and heating, oil, etc., improve the insulation technology level, and enable enterprises to save energy, reduce consumption and gain, It can greatly improve the comprehensive social benefits and promote the transformation of new and old driving forces.

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