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The steel sand cleaning scheme for Huashida 3LPE pipe production line

Company News Article source: http://www.hsdanticorrosion.com Responsible editor: diana Popularity: 987 January 16,2022

The steel sand cleaning scheme is designed for the 3LPE Coating and winding PE steel pipe production line and the Huashida shot blasting rust removal system. 

If there is invalid steel sand, the steel pipe cannot be cleaned effectively. Therefore, the invalid steel sand and oxide scale need to be removed at the same time of rust removal. In order to achieve this goal, the steel sand needs to be treated by the air washing system in the circulation process. Dust treatment scheme: after derusting, the steel sand will pass through the primary sand reduction chamber, secondary cyclone dust collector and tertiary filter cartridge dust collector. The filtered air can meet the national emission standard and will not pollute the environment.

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