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Huashida HDPE closure heat shrink casing for PU foaming preinsulated pipeline jointing

Company News Article source: http://www.hsdanticorrosion.com Responsible editor: Diana Popularity: 1994 January 09,2022

Huashida HDPE closure heat shrink casing for PU foaming preinsulated pipeline jointing


HuashidaHDPE closure heat shrink casing is made on the basis of the mature related technology in the world. The polyethylene material constitutes the base material. The thickness of the casing fitting is the same as that of the pipe base material. It is processed by biaxial stretching. The strength of casing is increased by more than 20%, and the thickness can be up to 17mm.

Huashida HDPE closure heat shrink sleeve does not require complicated on-site construction conditions. No power supply is needed, and no on-site protection of power supply engineering vehicles is needed. Because the flame gun is used for baking, a liquefied gas tank can weld the hot melt sleeve, which is really low-carbon and convenient.

Satisfactory on-site construction results. There will be no welding failure due to unstable current and voltage, or welding time is not guaranteed like the old-fashioned electric fusion fuse, and it can ensure that the air-tight test is passed smoothly! Huashida's seamless shrinkable hot melt sleeve will promote the safety and stability of the engineering pipe network to be greatly improved, so that the service life of the pipe can be greatly extended, and it has great market competitiveness. It is a significant advantage of this product.

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