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Huashida spray foaming preinsulated pipe equipment has been successfully trial and running in Linfen factory.

Company News Article source: http://www.hsdanticorrosion.com Responsible editor: Diana Popularity: 1528 August 18,2023

Huashida spray foaming preinsulated pipe equipment has been successfully trial and officially put into operation in Linfen factory.The production line have been made within 50 days.And it is Completely on-site installation and trial run successfully within 30 days. Subsequently, it was successfully completed and officially put into production. The 2000 type spray foaming pre-insulated pipe machinery designed and manufactured by Qingdao Huashida Machinery Co., Ltd. for Shanxi Linfen Municipal Engineering Group Co., Ltd. received high praise from customers upon its debut. This is not only a successful demonstration of Huashida's equipment production speed, but also a perfect presentation of Huashida's quality and reputation.

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