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Huashida Derusting Production Line for External Steel Pipe

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Hushida Derusting Production Line for External Steel Pipe

Cooperating with the conveyor delivering steel pipes( straight pipe, bend or multi-pipe), cone, stuctural steel and steel sheet, etc, this operation line utilizes the stream of grit which is cast by the high-efficiency grit-spraying device to strike off the oxide scale, rust and other sundries from the pipe surface to have a good effect of derusting, reaching the national standard of SA2-SA3 in SR/TQ414-98.

It can improve the tensile and compressible resistance of the pipe surface and also possess the reliable depth of abrasion pattern, so as to get strong adhesion of the coating on the pipe with a satisfying result of anticorrosion and thermal insulation. Meanwhile, the derusting speed can be adjusted as 1-6m/min according to different types.  

The feeding machine in this line has many models. This line is suitable for pipes with a wide range of size. Applied target: several pipes at one time, bends from Dia. 48-2500mm. The whole line gets low noise and staffing dust-collecting equipment is energy efficient, meeting the state requirement for environmental protection. It is convenient to provide steel grit and one-time added grit can be used for lone time. Small volume, simple installation, easy for transportation and convenient maintenance. Easy to operate and simple to learn, automatic to control and reliable to perform.  

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