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Epoxy power coating 3PE steel pipe anticorrosion product line

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3PE anti-corrosion coating is that the steel pipe is protected by three layers to prolong the life of service  from 5-10years to 50-100years.
First layer is Fusion bonded epoxy layer (FBE> 100µm), the second layer is adhesive (AD) 170 ~ 250µm, and the third layer is polyethylene (PE) stripe 2.5 ~ 3.7mm.
3PE steel coating pipe has the features of high mechanical strength, excellent electrical insulation performance, Process accuracy and environmental friendliness.


The three-layer HDPE stripe winding process, with epoxy powder coating as bottom layer and binding adhesive as second layer, is the widely used technique in steel pipe anti-corrosion all over the world.  The anti-corrosion steel pipe are applied in oil, gas and water supply pipelines.

Three-Layer PE pipe Structure Diagram
The three-layer PE anti-corrosion structure includes fusion bonded epoxy-powder bottom layer, polymer adhesive middle layer and polyethylene outside layer. The epoxy powder is a kind of thermosetting nontoxic coating, forming the high molecular weight cross-linking structure coating after solidifying, featuring good chemical anti-corrosion and high mechanical properties. Function of epoxy layer is to form continuous coating and to provide the steel tube surface with good  chemical resistance and cathodic disbanding resistance. The function of polymer adhesive is to agglutinate the epoxy layer and the polyethylene outside layer, which unites all three layers together. The polyethylene layer protects the pipe from abrasion, bump and water.


Technological processes:
Upload pipes→pipes conveyor→rust removal→intermediate frequency heating→Epoxy powder coating→Middle layer  &polyethylene stripe windingwater cooling→pipes conveyor→ pipe chamfer→unload pipes

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