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Key Points of "Spray Wrapping Process" Insulation Pipe

Company News Article source: www.hsdanticorrosion.com Responsible editor: Tony Popularity: 723 July 13,2023

 Key Points of "Spray Wrapping Process" Insulation Pipe


1. The production process  directly spray polyurethane foam onto the outer surface of the steel pipe, and then winds the polyethylene sheet and cools it down.

2. The three in one structure of the insulation pipe firstly go through shot blasting for rust removal on the surface of the steel pipe. After the polyurethane spraying is completed, the polyethylene sheet will be wrapped. After cooling, the outer protective layer of the polyethylene will generate a circumferential shrinkage force, increasing the reliability of the three in one structure.

3.  polyurethane foams on the surface of steel pipes under normal pressure, effectively ensuring the density and uniformity of polyurethane, making it easy to observe and detect the density of polyurethane, and saving raw materials.

4. The outer protective pipe of polyethylene is mainly waterproof and does not need to withstand the pressure generated during the polyurethane foaming process. It only considers the possible damage to the polyethylene pipe during transportation and construction,so the thickness is relatively thin. Due to the sheet-like extrusion of polyethylene, it is layered and wound in a circumferential direction, longitudinal cracking will be eliminated.


The thermal conductivity of the spray winding process insulation pipe can reach 0.029w/(m.k), which can effectively improve the insulation effect, reduce heat dissipation loss, and significantly reduce fuel consumption. Long term use can reduce resource loss, save costs, and help achieve l carbon deduction goal.

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