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Huashida 3LPE coating&insulation pipe equipment adopts 5G technology

Company News Article source: http://www.hsdanticorrosion.com Responsible editor: Diana Popularity: 1130 July 14,2022

Huashida machine is committed to the development of intelligent pipeline production line of 5G technology, walking out the only way for high-end equipment manufacturing, and providing technical support for the intelligent management of the interconnected Internet of things.

Based on the development of 5G Internet of things, Huashida's insulation pipe equipment and 3LPE coating pipe equipment make full use of intelligent technology to independently realize DCL man-machine dialogue, realize the integration of industrialization and informatization, build an industrial Internet application platform, strengthen artificial intelligence technology, innovate the application scenarios of the wireless connected world, and provide overall pipeline production solutions according to the needs of customers. That is to achieve remote data transmission, remote data analysis, remote monitoring, remote training, remote diagnostic services, health management and production management of remote equipment application cycle. Realize the management of the whole process of pipeline monitoring - Evaluation - pre (alarm) - disposal - Assessment and the whole life cycle of pipeline operation, build an intelligent pipeline leakage monitoring and early warning system for enterprises, ensure the energy efficiency and management efficiency of pipelines, provide remote unmanned detection and protection, prevent the sudden occurrence of various pipeline leakage accidents, and avoid costly damage risks.

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