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CNNC purchased Huashida four sets preinsulated pipe production lines

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Recently CNNC( Top 500 enterprises in the world)23 construcsion Jinshan company purchased  four sets of pre-insulated pipe production lines from Qingdao Huashida Machinery Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Huashida Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer in pipeline anticorrosion and thermal insulated processing line. Our processing line is adoption of vacuum calibrating technology to make Jacket pipe.

Vacuum calibrating method pre-insulated pipe outside casing extrusion line is the most advanced and popular machinery in the world. HSD brand absorbs the advanced technology from German and improve to meet development. Especially compared with internal pressure method, Vacuum calibrating method is much better than it for stiffness, pressure resistance and surface smooth.

CNNC 23 construcsion Jinshan company is a national enterprise, carry on national level projects, and their the quality of pipeline project is signage of China. 

Once their pipe supplier using Huashida pre-insulated pipe processing line, and the pipe quality was recognized, so they trust huashida machinery. When CNNC has taken 40 kilometers of large-caliber central heating pipeline project in the western of China, and their project main managers visited our workshop and purchased four sets of 1380 mm heat pre-insulated pipeline production lines for making Dia.655 mm-1420 mm pre-insulated pipe .

We will supply high-quality machinery to support Jinshan Co., Ltd. of CNNC built a high-quality central heating pipeline project.

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