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Happy National Day and Mid Autumn Festival!

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As autumn goes deeper, we usher in a special moment - National Day &Mid-Autumn Festival come at the same period of time. In this joyful holiday, we would like to thank everyone for their support and assistance over the past year, and also look forward to a more brilliant chapter in the future.


As the birthday of our great motherland, National Day carries the patriotism and national pride of countless Chinese people. On this special day, we must pay the highest tribute to our motherland and celebrate the prosperity of our country together. Let us unite closely and contribute to the future of our motherland with our endeavors.


The Mid-Autumn Festival, since ancient times, has been a symbol of reunion and happiness. In this warm holiday, we want to turn our longing and love for our family into a full moon and pass it on to distant relatives and friends. Let's cherish everyone around us, share this beautiful time together, and let love and reunion pass on forever.


Let's work together to contribute to the future and create brilliance together. Wishing everyone a happy and unforgettable National Day and Mid Autumn Festival!


Finally, I wish everyone a happy holiday, a happy family and good health!


Best regards


Happy National Day and Mid Autumn Festival!

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