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Huashida heat shrinkable sleeve is a link of friendship between China and Africa

Company News Article source: http://www.hsdanticorrosion.com Responsible editor: diana Popularity: 1549 March 04,2022

Huashidaheat shrinkable sleeve is a link of friendship between China and Africa

2021 July, Huashida company received a inquiry from Nigeria natural gas pipeline service company and urgently needed a batch of heat shrink sleeves for Field 3LPE coating pipeline.Client have a 3km project with a pipe diameter of 10inch. Because they have to finish all the projects before the Africa rainy season, so they are hurry. Huashida made all FJC sleeve within one week and sent on the plane after receiving the order. Two days later, the customer picked up the heat shrink sleeves at Lagos airport.

Through the joint efforts of both sides, all work has been seamlessly connected without delay for a day. This successful cooperation is based on the integrity established by Huashida and Nigerian customers. Because the sleeve good quality, supply quickly, intimate service and reputation of Huashida heat shrinkable belt are guaranteed. Another friend of Nigerian customer also came to purchase our heat shrinkable belt this year. Soon, new sleeves will be sent to Nigeria again. Huashida heat shrinkable belt has become a link of friendship between China and Africa.

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