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Huashida PERT Pre-insulation pipe production line is an energy-saving equipment

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Huashida PERTII Pre-insulation pipe production line is an energy-saving equipment

For continuous PERT prefabrication of directly buried insulation pipe equipment, Huashida's production line solves the key technical difficulties such as system synchronization and foaming molding. PERT (polyethylene of raised temperature resistance) pipe is used as the working inner pipe. The outer part of PERT pipe with flexible infinite length is flow coated with polyurethane foam insulation layer on the production line, and then the PE layer is coated on the outside of the insulation layer. Pert insulation pipe produced by this process can comply with the terrain and easily avoid obstacles such as buildings during construction. The special transport vehicle can be used to mechanically assist the reeling pipe to unwind directly, or the support can be used to unwind on site, which reduces the labor intensity, is simple and convenient, and greatly reduces the construction cost. In addition, PERT pipeline welding has no welding slag falling, and the pipeline is unobstructed, free of impurities and pollution. The heating company can realize unattended and automatic operation.

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