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The teacher, proselytizes instructs dispels doubt

Company News Article source: original Responsible editor: Diana Dong Popularity: 1303 September 10,2018

Today is Teacher's Day in China. There is an ancient Word in China, "The teacher, proselytizes instructs dispels doubt" to describe the duty of teachers. This sentence is hung by our CEO Huang in the corridor leading to his office.

Everyone who has been to Huashida has this feeling that When CEO Huang talks about pipeline equipment, he looked like a professional professor. From theory to practice, he tells you clearly and convincingly. All your doubts can be reasonably answered from him. You get rewarding after visiting our factory.

CEO Huang is always a person who pays attention to learning. He is not only good at learning by himself, but also pays attention to the training of employees'skills. He often teaches his own knowledge and skills to his employees. 

Under his influence, the whole plant is constantly learning and innovative, so that our pipeline equipment technology constantly innovative to meet market demand. Therefore, we can achieve insulation pipe equipment sales share of 70% of the domestic market, 3PE equipment exported to Europe and the United States.

It is with this kind of teacher's mood that he is in the running of an enterprise. So Huashida Management philosophy is Create value for customer and promote the products not for the benefits but for helping the customers.

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