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Iran customers signed the 3LPE production line with Huashida

Company News Article source: http://www.hsdanticorrosion.com Responsible editor: Diana Dong Popularity: 1411 September 14,2018

Iran customers signed the 3PE production line for the three times visit to Huashida.

A large Iranian steel pipe manufacturer sent technicians team to Huashida yesterday to determine the final contract about payment delivery and other issues. It has been the third time visit. What the company wants to purchase is a large size steel pipe anti-corrosion production line with a specification of 2540mm. At present, China can make a maximum size of 3200 mm, Huashida has done Dia.2600mm pipeline machinery before the technical experience, so this mission is fully competent. So far, the 3LPE anti-corrosion pipeline machinery made by Huashida has been 45MM minimum.

For such a rigorous and technically conscientious enterprise as Huashida, guests are welcome to discuss technical issues. The negotiation proceeded smoothly in a pleasant atmosphere. On the basis of the local actual production environment, the technicians of both sides made a thorough discussion and confirmation on the details of plant design, equipment output, environmental protection standards and so on. Until it is dark, the negotiating is still in full swing.

All possible problems, HuaShiDa wants to go ahead and do ahead. Avoid problems arising from the use of guests and delay production. It is the purpose of our service to always think from customers' point of view if we want to do what our guests want.

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