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Company News Article source: http://www.hsdanticorrosion.com Responsible editor: Jasmine Popularity: 50 May 08,2024

On May 3, during the holiday of China Labor Day, Huang Baodong, chairman of Qingdao Huashida Company, went to Uzbekistan to hold an important meeting with the Governor of Silhe Oblast, Mahmudaliyev.

        At the meeting, Chairman Huang Baodong introduced Huashida's business scope in detail. Qingdao Huashida has professional technology and rich experience in the field of anti-corrosion pipe production line and 3pe anti-corrosion production line.

         The Governor of Silhe Oblast, Mahmudaliyev, warmly welcomed the visit of Chairman Huang Baodong and highly praised Huashida's professional capabilities in pipeline equipment production.

         Governor Mahmudaliyev said he would actively coordinate relevant departments and provide Huashida with the necessary assistance and support to ensure the smooth implementation of the project.At the same time, he hopes to further strengthen communication and cooperation and jointly promote the infrastructure construction and economic development of Uzbekistan's Silhe Oblast.

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