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Revolutionizing Pipeline Protection: Automated 3LPE Coating Machines


Miles of steel pipelines crisscross land and sea to deliver vital oil, gas, and process fluids worldwide. But left unprotected below the surface, tubular steel rapidly corrodes. That not only compromises safety—pipeline leaks and ruptures carry environmental and economic impacts too. Preventing external corrosion is key for longevity and reliability. But it requires deploying advanced anti-corrosion solutions. That's why high-performance 3-layer polyethylene (3LPE) coating systems—robotically applied by our automated equipment—are now the gold standard in modern pipeline protection.

As pioneers in corrosion-resistant coatings, Huashida Company engineers integrated 3LPE coating machines since 2003. Our programmable systems hot-bond three functional layers in sequence onto blasted steel surfaces:

1) Multi-pack epoxy primer for maximum surface bonding

2) Copolymer adhesive layer to bridge to the topcoat

3) Durable polyethylene external barrier up to 3mm thick

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