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Steel pipe anti-corrosion 3LPE coating equipment has been successfully debugged.

Company News Article source: www.hsdanticorrosion.com Responsible editor: Diana Popularity: 381 May 27,2024

On May 27th, a good news came from Anhui Province. The 3LPE steel pipe anti-corrosion coating equipment (dia.325-1200) manufactured and produced by Qingdao Huashida Machinery Co., Ltd. for Hefei Pipeline factory. has been successfully debugged. The entire process did not produce waste pipes, and qualified pipes were produced in one time trialing run. Watching the shining and translucent steel pipes that had undergone 3LPE anti-corrosion coating continuously coming off the production line, The Chairman of client couldn't help but feel happy in his heart. 

Huashida has mobilized frontier production employees, concentrated their efforts to complete production tasks in a timely manner, and delivered production and equipment with quality and quantity guaranteed. Timely and smoothly transport the 3LPE steel pipe anti-corrosion equipment to the customer's factory area, and dispatch three engineers to carry out equipment layout, assembly, and water and electrical connection work according to design requirements. On this basis, the equipment has officially entered the debugging and production stage. Huashida adopts the form of training the technical backbone of customers while debugging, and imparts the production process and technology of the equipment to them without reservation.

The customer has highly praised and fully affirmed the exquisite craftsmanship, mature technology, and stable production of Huashida 3PE steel pipe anti-corrosion equipment. This once again fulfills Huashida's strong commitment to customers.

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