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Huashida supply Steel pipe Elbow anti-corrosion coating 3PE (Φ457mm-Φ1219mm) to Sinopec company

Company News Article source: http://www.hsdanticorrosion.com Responsible editor: Diana Dong Popularity: 1188 May 08,2020

HuaShida supply elbow anti-corrosion production line to an oil construction company of Sinopec. 

The diameter of the hot simmer elbow product ranges from Φ60mm to Φ1219mm. 

The production range of Φ457mm-Φ1219mm is a medium frequency hydraulic hot simmering production line, the largest steel grade can be produced to X80, and the maximum processing wall thickness is 40mm.

Due to the excellent quality of the products produced by the production line, they have obtained the A-level qualification of the pressure pipe component manufacturing license in the industry, and they can successfully provide hot simmering elbows to the natural gas pipelines of key projects. Unanimously praised.

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