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Huashida delivered the PU spray foam insulation pipe equipment and service team visit clients' workshop.

Company News Article source: www.hsdanticorrosion.com Responsible editor: diana Popularity: 1023 July 07,2023

From the signing of the contract to the completion of production and manufacturing, Huashida delivered the PU spraying PE winding insulation pipe equipment to the customer within 60 days with guaranteed quality and quantity.

As the 1620-type spraying and winding pipe continuous production line gradually arrived at the customer's factory, Huashida's technical service team has already gone to Linfen Municipal Group in advance. Communicate with the customer on the preparation of the factory building, production line layout, water, ventilation and electricity supply, etc., and carry out targeted theoretical knowledge and technical operation process training for the customer's employees, so that once the assembly and commissioning start, they can work in a manpower , material resources, and venues to achieve a strong guarantee.

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