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PU spraying & PE winding continuous insulation pipe production line

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PU spraying & PE winding continuous insulation pipe production line

On the basis of the applied "spray winding method", domestic and foreign research institutions and manufacturing enterprises have continuously explored how to balance production efficiency, transmission capacity, insulation pipe diameter, insulation layer thickness, and other factors. They have developed multiple integrated new insulation pipe production lines composed of pipe rust removal, polyurethane spraying, polyethylene winding, and cutting processes, but have not yet received a perfect solution. The entire industry urgently needs efficient, stable, and widely applicable new insulation pipe production equipment. The innovation and core technology of Huashida one-step coating and winding pipe production line lies in the polyurethane online continuous mixing foaming technology, insulation pipe foam automatic foaming technology, large diameter flow coating foaming technology, automatic precision spraying technology, steel pipe automatic tracing technology, steel pipe automatic online technology, pipe interface automatic processing technology, etc. are all self-developed, and the overall performance of the product has reached the domestic leading level, Multiple innovative points and design concepts have filled the gap in China.

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