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Huashida 3LPE (800 type) steel pipe coating machinery passed the third party acceptance

Company News Article source: http://www.hsdanticorrosion.com Responsible editor: Diana Dong Popularity: 1010 December 24,2020

Huashida 3LPE (800 type) steel pipe coating machinery passed the third party acceptance This 3LPE steel pipe coating machine adopts winding-type flat head extrusion, which can carry out 3PE anti-corrosion treatment on large-diameter steel pipes, with faster production speed and better anti-corrosion effect, which will bring more economic benefits to customers.

This customer bought the 3LPE steel pipe coating production lineof Model (57-377mm) of Huashida 3 years ago. This production line adopts a 0-type cladding head. Since the equipment was put into production, it has been running continuously and stably. Customers have not only achieved good economic benefits, but also established a good brand image in Kazakhstan. With the increase of economic strength, customers continue to expand the scale of production. New land was purchased and new factories were built. So they found HuaShida, not only to upgrade the 57-377mm cladding production line, but also to increase the winding type anti-corrosion treatment function, so that larger diameter steel pipe can be processed.

While the current COVID-19 situation is still spreading, customers in Kazakhstan entrust a third party to carry out inspections at Huashida. After an afternoon of intense work, we checked against the original contract without any omissions, which was fully approved by the third party and passed the acceptance inspection smoothly.

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