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The same customer purchases 5 lines of pre-insulation pipe extruder Machinery from Huashida at A Time

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Founded in 2003, Huashida machinery company has been engaged in the making and development and production of plastic pipe and sheet extruder line for 16 years. And Huashida has tested and updated the equipment technology through its own production of PE products (heat shrink sleeve/ Electro-fusion tape) PE insualtion pipe machinery

Due to its high output, stable performance, cost saving and high cost performance, Huashida's PE pre-insulation pipe extruder machinery has been recognized and welcomed by customers in the Chinese market.

Three months ago, a customer purchased 7 pieces of equipment from Huashida at one time. One PE sheet equipment, one PE heat shrinkable sleeve machinery, and five PE pre-insulation pipe extruder machinery with different pipe diameters. From continue insulation pipe equipment (48-207mm) to large diameter insulation pipe extruder machinery 2300mm. We can see the trust of customers for Huashida brand. At present, all 7 lines have been successfully installed and debugged in the customer's factory.

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