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The technical advantage of 3PE anticorrosive production line

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The technical advantage of 3PE anticorrosive production line

In 2021, the 426-1220 type elbow winding 3PE anticorrosive production line designed and manufactured by Qingdao Huashida Machinery Co., Ltd. was entered into the list of the first (set) technical equipment and key core parts manufacturers and products in Shandong. The applicable pipe diameter is between 426-1220mm and pipe wall thickness is between 6-12mm. The powder output is 500g/min and the voltage is 100Kv.

426-1220 pipe winding type 3 PE anticorrosion production line, belongs to the field of high-end equipment manufacturing, in line with the state industrial policies,on the economic development strategy guidance, incorporated in the belt and road initiative, have been along the countries such as Russia, kazakhstan, Iran, Qatar, has a good brand influence.

The main advantages of 3PE anti-corrosion production line are as follows:

1. The screw conveyor is adjusted by electric means.

2. steel pipe from the bench station point automatic ferrying to screw machine for screw transmission.

3. steel tube lifting and ferrying system is equipped with anti-drop damping, to prevent the misoperation of the conveyor.

4. The steel pipe of spiral transmission line realizes the function of automatic catching and removing the pipe.

5. The derusting machine is started in sequence to prevent the shot blasting device from being stuck by misoperation.

6. The derusting machine is equipped with steel sand settling chamber, and the steel sand recovery is more effective.

7, shot blasting device deviates from the production center line design, improve the service life of steel sand by 30%.

8, equipped with wear-resistant solid tire, five years of maintenance free.

The curved pipe winding type 3PE anticorrosive production line is oriented to oil and gas transportation, gas transportation, water supply transportation, sewage transportation and chemical transportation, which has a huge market and meets the industry-oriented demand. It can realize the driving effect of anti-corrosion technology of elbow and the effect of improving quality and efficiency, energy saving and emission reduction, and create significant social and environmental benefits.

High mechanical strength, the use of PLC intelligent integration control automatic adjustment, realizing automation production, greatly improve production efficiency and yield, reduce energy consumption at the same time, water-saving power-saving, more energy conservation and environmental protection, product anticorrosion sealing capability, water proofing property is strong, stable quality, excellent performance, has been in sinopec and other national key projects and belt and road initiative area for application, It has remarkable economic benefits of earning foreign exchange and promoted the progress of anti-corrosion technology of elbow in China.

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