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Huashida jacket insulation pipe equipment zero waste output

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Huashida jacket insulation pipe equipment zero waste output

Huashida adopts vacuum sizing technology, which operates under vacuum, computer control, planetary cutting, and the quality of the pipe is guaranteed, safe, time-saving and labor-saving. Taking the 120 production line as an example, the high-efficiency main engine has a productivity of 450 KG/H of 132 kW, and the power consumption and economic performance are obvious. The standard outer diameter is 500 mm and the length is 11600 mm. The output of Huashida is 90-110 per day. Moreover, there is no waste in the utilization of materials. Only in the case of starting production, there is a 0.5-1M waste pipe as the lead pipe for the start-up production. At other times, as long as it is not mishandled, there will be no waste products, which can reduce the number of customers. A lot of waste, saving a lot of materials, electricity, labor costs.

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