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Huashida One Step continue producing Thermal Insulation Pipe line wins Greater Benefits for Customers

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Huashida One Step continue producing Thermal Insulation Pipe line wins Greater Benefits for Customers

Qingdao Huashida Machinery Co., Ltd. can not only produce large diameter Thermal Insulation Pipe line(dia.110-1860mm), but also small diameter Thermal Insulation Pipe line (dia. 48-325mm). Small diameter equipment adopts one-step continue process. Polyurethane foaming and pipe coating are formed once in a production line. Compared with two-step production line, one-step production line has higher production speed. In the same time, more pipes are produced, and more profits are gained for customers.

Huashida adopts international brand, ABB/Siemens for the main motor of one-step insulation pipe equipment , to ensure the convenience of after-sales service.

One-step continue Insulation Pipe Equipment is equipped with a deviation rectifier to ensure the uniform thickness of the insulation layer. The accuracy is within 1 mm. Detectable deviation rectification can automatically adjust production by monitoring the distance between pipe skin and steel pipe at any time. In order to achieve the production quality of one-step continue insulation pipe.

If you are also interested in one-step continue thermal insulation pipe equipment, you are welcome to visit our workshop.

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