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Analyzing the core technologies of the three provincial-level first major equipment obtained by Huashida

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Analyzing the core technologies of the three provincial-level first major equipment (sets) obtained by Huashida

From 2019 to 2022, in just three to four years, Qingdao Huashida Machinery Co., Ltd. won three honorary titles for the first major equipment (set) in Shandong Province, which is inseparable from Huashida's innovation ability and manufacturing strength.

The first one is about the insulation pipe production line. In the "Notice on Announcing the List of First (Set) Technical Equipment, Key Core Components, and Production Enterprises in Shandong Province for 2019" issued by Shandong Province, it was pointed out that, The core technology of Huashida's insulation pipe production line is at the leading level in China, with multiple innovative points and design concepts filling the domestic gap. Among them, four core technologies, including solid-liquid phase separation screw, spiral split flow machine head, DCL human-machine dialogue technology, and vacuum box external manipulator technology, are the first or first application in the industry. It is currently the only production line in China that can manufacture 1880mm ultra large diameter insulation pipes

The third one is about the one-step continuous spray winding production line. Shandong Province pointed out in the "Notice on Publishing the List of Production Enterprises and Products for the First (Set) Technical Equipment and Key Core Components in Shandong Province in 2022" that, The one-step spraying and winding production line of Huashida "polyurethane online continuous mixing foaming technology, insulation pipe foam automatic foaming technology, large diameter flow coating foaming technology, automatic precision spraying technology, steel pipe automatic tracing technology, steel pipe automatic online technology, pipe interface automatic processing technology, etc. are all self-developed. The overall performance of the product has reached the leading level in China, and a number of innovations and design concepts have filled the domestic gap."

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