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HuaShida Staff Training insulation pipe production line

Company News Article source: original Responsible editor: Diana Dong Popularity: 1392 September 03,2018

Every Hua Shida employee knows that one of our corporate values is learning innovation. Only by constantly learning and constantly improving our equipment in practice can we keep up with the needs of the market and meet the needs of customers.

So all the staff Leaded by the CEO are advocating learning. Regardless of the position, every employee who enters the company first goes into the workshop to study. CEO Huang always takes the time to teach staff in person. Theory is the basis of practice, practice is the magic weapon of testing theory.

Through our continuous innovation, our vacuum calibration method insulation pipe production line has been recognized by customers, and catchs the 70% Chinse market. Our equipment design is reasonable, make full use of raw materials, pipe waste rate is zero, reduce equipment loss, operation automation to save labor costs, truly achieve high-speed and efficient.

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