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Huashida went out to build a new production base of insulation pipe equipment

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International Labor Day is coming, but in order to finish one step method PERT insulation pipe equipment, the majority of Qingdao Huashida Machine Co., Ltd. staff still adhere to the production position, they are diligent, without complaints, and strive to complete their tasks, to give  the customer a fully trusted one-step PERT insulation pipe equipment.

When you come to the assembly workshop, the employees are all busy, a stage by stage PERT insulation pipe equipment, are assembled step by step in the hands of the employees. The staffs will operate and treat every part seriously, even if it is as small as a screw. When you see    the truss hanging through the workshop, parts being lifted up and placed exactly where they are needed, and then there is the equipment,      like a procession of soldiers, neatly arranged in the spacious workshop. Their quality is impeccable and they can be inspected like soldiers by customers.

"51" we pay tribute to the people still working on the post!

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