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Huashida applies chipless cutting technology to insulation pipe production line

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Huashida applies chipless cutting technology to insulation pipe production line

It is fixed by hydraulic transmission to form a full circle device. The saw blade is changed to a blade, and the tube is completely closed in one rotation. During the cutting process, the pipe will not be deformed. The incision is a complete arc, without serrations, and there is no unevenness, and there is no broken on site. Chips, which not only reduce waste but also ensure that the production site is clean and tidy, in line with the requirements of the national environmental protection policy. This is the perfect presentation of the chipless cutting machine equipped by Qingdao Huashida Machinery Co., Ltd. for the new generation of insulation pipe equipment. Huashida is an enterprise with fast technological innovation and strong innovation ability. The new cutting machine is the result of further absorption and digestion after they are imported from Germany. After being equipped with the insulation pipe equipment, it shows the synchronous working status of it and the equipment tractor. The equipment operation is more stable and reliable.

The chipless cutting machine configured on the Huashida thermal insulation pipe equipment relates to the related technical field of plastic pipe cutting, including a frame on which a hydraulic follow-up mechanism and a chipless cutting machine are sequentially arranged. The cutting machine includes two clamping mechanisms and a cutting mechanism. The clamping mechanism includes a clamping base plate with a clamping through hole. The cutting mechanism includes a cutting base plate with a cutting through hole. The clamping through hole and the cutting through hole have On the same axis, the two clamping mechanisms are arranged in parallel, and the cutting mechanism is arranged in the middle of the two clamping mechanisms to ensure that the pipe is a complete circle without deformation during the cutting process. The chipless cutting machine is a device with simple structure and reliable cutting. It is easy to operate and has a wide range of cutting pipe thickness and pipe diameter specifications. The clamping is suitable for multiple pipe diameters.

Chipless cutting machine, adjustable cutting caliber, multi-purpose machine, simple operation and durable. Adopt PLC control system, high degree of automation, long time cutting, automatic alarm and long service life. The cut of the pipe is smooth and flat, there is no dust when cutting, and the environment can be kept clean, without manual trimming, which saves costs and has a good effect.

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